Scalping the E-mini Futures & FOREX

Do you want to learn how to trade? I will show you how to use a
simple scalping system to daytrade the NASDAQ, S&P, DOW &
Russell 2000 E-mini futures markets as well as FOREX

Access to my live trading room and a powerful  audio for maintaining
proper trading focus is now included

If you are tired of banging your head against the wall trying to take money out of the market
this system is for you. Every day followers of this technique are pulling anywhere from 10 to
40 YM points out of the market in two to five trades while risking no more than 15-points per
trade in most cases and often much less.

This technique uses simple tools and does not require any special software (ie..
Tradestation, Ensign, Esignal, etc...) although you will be better off having a solid charting
application that lets you train when you want. The system will work on other markets
including listed stocks,
FOREX and commodities. This is a simple and easy to follow scalping
system using basic indicators and is based on a sound foundation.

Following this system you will be on the right side of the trend and will quickly be able to
determine when to trade and when to sit tight. Most scalp trades last under five minutes -
many less than one, so you will be in and out with your profit. Just as important, you will be
out of losing trades real quick and ready for the next trade.

If you are like most aspiring traders you may be on a roller coaster ride of trying all kinds of
new systems that promise to make you a winning trader only to find that the systems don’t
work out as you had planned. You need to try this out. It will probably be your last ride.

I am not promising you will be a winning trader, no one can honestly do that. Instead I am
offering to show you exactly how I successfully trade for a living using this simple and
consistent scalping system. I will also give you some of the mental techniques I use to keep
my head in the game and reduce the psychological conflicts that affect everyone who
trades. You will have access to everything you need to succeed at this and the support
along the way to help make it happen.

You will learn how to:

Become a consistently successful trader using simple tools on time
tested concepts

Read significant volume and how to act based on it

Set the right targets and stops for the exact kind of market you are
trading and allowing them to run when they should

Prepare for the day ahead so that you have a plan and the confidence to
follow through with it

Identify the type of trading system to use based on the market

Locate the areas where the market is most likely going at any point in
time and adjust your plan accordingly

Develop patience and market discernment

Trade with the smart money and avoid being the dumb money

Make a living trading

How to limit losses by proper stop placement

Trade price action and price patterns and minimize the use of lagging

Scalp the e-minis & FOREX regularly with confidence

Identify how and where to trade and just as important, know when NOT

Have a pretty good idea what the market "could" do the next day and
how your will respond if it does, and if it doesn't

Get and stay focused and how to limit the often costly emotions of fear
and greed

Apply one system to any instrument or time frame so that you can have
the flexibility to trade from anywhere

I will work with you as much as needed to get you to a place in your trading where you can do
all of the above. In the trading room that comes with the system you will get real-time help on
the unfolding market in a positive and encouraging environment. It is in this environment that
you will learn how to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses while learning to
earn your way in trading.

It is good to have a coach or partner working with you while you learn to trade. I will be there to
help you every step of the way. Most of that work will take place in the live trading room but we
can set up one-on-one time as needed as well.

Trading days and weeks like these examples are not only possible - they are probable. I am a
full-time trader making my living primarily off this scalping system and I know it works. This
eBook is the very trading plan I wrote for myself to help me follow my system and excel in
trading. Buy it today and you will receive the system and the following bonuses via download

Bonus #1

Along with the eBook you will receive an Microsoft Excel workbook with all the tools you need
to get ready for the day ahead and stay on track in the heat of the trading battle. You will also
have access to chart templates for the system for many charting applications including but not
limited to: Sierra Charts, Ninja Trader, Ensign, eSignal, Tradestation, Metatrader (MT4), Think
or Swim charts, Amibroker, Accucharts and MedVed's Quotetracker.

Bonus #2 -

Join me in my live trading room for help and support/training on the system. This offer will only
be available for a limited time so act now if you want to be a part of this. This is easily a
and thats being as conservative as I can. Other system teachers charge at least $40 a
month...some $400 a month. Your access to the live room comes with the system and you will
not be charged again...ever.

I still trade full-time but in addition I will make myself available to answer any of your questions
via email or Yahoo! Messenger after market hours for as long as you need my help. It is my
wish that you be successful using this system so I am happy to help. In addition you will gain
access to a members only Yahoo! Group where you can access daily chart files and learn
from others who are using this scalping system as well.


I am now including free access to my special Trading-Focus audio that I use while trading. It is
a powerful tool to help you stay focused and reduce brain chatter that often prevents effective
trading. I am also including two other audios that will help in your daily preparation and in
programming your brain with successful trading beliefs. These are awesome tools that are
receiving great feedback. They can be downloaded online in MP3 format or if required can be
sent on a CD.
This would cost you as much as the system itself to do on your own and you get
it free. I will even customize an audio track to meet you specific needs.

Bonus #4

In addition you will get a copy of the Slingshot Trading Method. This is another system that
works really well with overnight position trading and options. This system can also be used
intraday and on other instruments such as FOREX.

If you are serious about learning to trade or just want to improve your results this system is for
you. If you still have a question send me an email or see the

Join right now risk free! Use the system, attend the trading room, use all the other
resources and if you are not satisfied with your progress then just request a refund within
60-days. I am confident that if you put the time in to learn the setups and practice at it that you
will do well.

Get it now for only $47
If you decide to join be sure to say
hello in the trading room so I can
help you get off to a fast start.
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