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Trading notes 02/02/15

The USDJPY is in the lower portion of its range, approximately 200-pips
from the lower edge. Friday closed with sell pressure but it is still inside its
week and a half consolidation (red circle). I will look to play sells below
Friday's low and longs above the recent highs.

If the sell sets up I will look to target it into the third test of the lower edge of
the range. If the long sets up I will look to target the area three quarters of
the height of the range. We wont know which way it will be until things get
going Sunday night or Monday but it will be one or the other or both
because that narrow consolidation wont hold long. If it breaks the lower
edge I will get more agressive with sells.

I hope to see you in the room sometime. Be sure to use the bulletin in there
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