Tricks for the Psychological Side of Trading
I wanted to use this space to talk about three products that I use everyday and that I feel are of
the highest quality and extremely beneficial to anyone - especially traders. Those of you who
know me already know that I am very big on developing the mental aspects of trading. Being the
most that I can be and finding tools to better run my brain has been a lifelong pursuit and I have
tried all sorts of techniques and I continue to explore new programs and ways to think to this day.
Well these three products which I have found in the last few years are among the best there have
ever been and best yet they are affordable and very easy to use.

I am talking about the
Sculptor 3 put out by Affirmware, the Nuero-Programmer (NP) and the Mind
Accelerator.  The Sculptor 3 and Nuero-Programmer are actually software programs that will help
you program your desired goals and beliefs directly into your subconscious mind. They will also
help you "train" your brain to think in more effective ways in order to handle the stress and anxiety
that can arise when trading. They do this through brainwave entrainment. This process can
actually create the mental peace, calm, clarity and insight found in those who have meditated for a
long time. Best yet with repeated use it can actually raise your IQ and do so permanently and it
does almost all of the work for you. You just have to lay or sit there and listen with closed eyes
and headphones.

The Mind Accelerator is a complete system to run your brain and change your life. It is based on a
12-day plan. It details step by step how to create the life you want through visualization techniques
and modified NLP techniques. It also introduces a reading program that is incredible. You may
have heard of Photo Reading before and it is basically the same idea and it works. I can attest to
it. Basically it teaches you to feed what you are reading to you subconscious "right-brain" at
incredible speeds and then to access it with the left-brain. The accessing part takes some work
but once you get it is truly amazing. You can flip through a book or magazine in a few minutes and
have access to the information that your eyes saw even if you did not consciously process the
information. I use this technique on charts and I think it really helps.

An example of how you would use these programs would be say you want to program the belief "I
am a consistently successful trader" into you subconscious belief system. You would first use the
Sculptor 3 program to create a plan and get it set to program that belief using subconscious level
affirmations and messages. You could then use the NP to prepare a brainwave CD that you could
run at night as you are going to bed that will program your brain with the information and train it at
the same time to access it when you most need it - at crunch time.

When you wake up the next day you spend 10-minutes on the Sculptor 3 program to start your
day. Throughout the day you could use the techniques taught in the Mind Accelerator to reinforce
the belief and cement it to your core. Imagine the difference it would make in the feeling you have
when you sit down to trade with the deep level belief that you are a consistently successful trader.
It will help you get out of your own way and let yourself succeed. I know it may sound mystic or
whatever but this stuff works in a big way. I didn't always have the Sculptor 3 or NP program simply
because I did not know they existed until a few years ago but I used similar and far more crude
techniques prior to that and I can honestly say that if my computer caught fire today and I lost the
programs I would buy them again tomorrow.

Those of you who know me know that I don't do a lot of product endorsements but these are such
powerful programs that can really improve your whole life - not just trading so I wanted to inform
you about them. They are easy to use and you will notice results almost immediately. The main
reason I use all three is that the Sculptor 3 does not have the capability to produce a .wav or .mp3
file of the mental programming where the NP does and I like to use the thing at night before bed.
At the same time the NP does not have a lot of the features that the Sculptor 3 has.

If you have trouble trusting yourself in pulling the trigger or trusting your system or feel like you
are an emotional basket case when trading then these programs could help you cut through the
learning curve of trading by teaching you to control the psychological aspects. Automatically
program positive beliefs or good trading beliefs such as Mark Douglas' 5 truths or any other into
your belief system.

Here are those links again for you.
The Sculptor 3 , Nuero-Programmer  and the Mind Accelerator
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